Route 66 Oldtimermuseum

Wiener Neustadt has one more attraction. The new vintage car museum by Friedrich and Ronald Fehr, who have been collecting vintage cars for 30 years, makes the hearts of classic car lovers beat faster. At Stadionstraße 36a, top-class classics are shown from their brightest sides on two floors. Classic cars that make you want to go on a trip to the country: Extravagant one-offs and aesthetic technology harmonize in a unique way in the new classic car museum. Guests who want to experience the magic of the Roadstars for themselves over a cool drink, a delicious coffee or a juicy Swiss-style steak have the opportunity to do so from the restaurant. From this perspective, the elegant old boys come into their own because they are skilfully presented in the right light. The restaurant and showroom are separated by a pane of glass, giving visitors the best view of the classy, ​​sophisticatedly illuminated vehicles. If you feel like going on an overland tour, you can also rent one of the elegant exhibits. 50 to 70 vehicles are regularly exhibited Each in original condition - each car can be viewed from all sides, all but 4 vehicles from the collection of Friedrich and Ronald Fehr.

Youngtimers from the age of 20, classic cars from the age of 30, veterans from the age of 40 Special show for municipal vehicles (MUT garbage truck) Photo opportunity with Triumph Spitfire Parking spaces for vintage cars in the underground car park Studio underground car park - photo studio Franz Baldauf: Unique studio with a hollow trowel, without edges, optically infinitely large; Directly accessible by car, they are staged accordingly.