wortwiege festival

contemporary and dramatic storytelling

The wortwiege stands for contemporary dramatic storytelling and a commitment to author:internal theatre. The wortwiege works on materials from antiquity to the present day. The individual theater cycles are accompanied by a top-class program of literature and science in public discourse. The specialty of the wortwiege is the staging of atmospherically unusual spaces in which literature can be experienced in a scenic, sensual way, as well as the intercreative interweaving of the performing arts of film, theater and music theatre. The wortwiege sees itself as a company and is committed to the ensemble idea. The wortwiege is a follow-up project to Salon5 in Vienna and at Thalhof Reichenau (2007-2017) and develops and produces international theater and dialogue formats. Since 2019 she has been programming her festivals in the historic casemates of Wiener Neustadt. The wortwiege was awarded the main prize of the MAECENAS 2021 in the category "Austrian cultural providers".

Insights of the wortwiege festival: HERE