Museum St. Peter an der Sperr

The Museum St. Peter an der Sperr is one of the few museums in our region that are open all year round. The history of the city is always also a history of the region. Food, labor and cultural exchange have been essential to the entire region for centuries. The exhibitions that we are showing in 2021 cover the whole spectrum of these diverse relationships in an exhibition area of ​​600 m².

Permanent exhibition: We are presenting a large exhibition in the rooms of the former Dominican convent, which offers a multimedia overview of the city's history from the founding time around 1200 to the more recent present under the title "NEW TOWN." Whether trade, crafts, education or the labor market, the city influences its surroundings and vice versa.. From spring 2021, the exhibition tour will be supplemented by a museum app with an audio tour and a knowledge quiz.

Visit the museum website for more information on special exhibitions.